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Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre
Fetal Medicine & High Risk Pregnancy Care Centre
Patient Testimonials
For me it's a pleasant surprise to see my bald head becoming head full of hair, Thanks to doctor Pawan Shahane he is very expertise & experience doctors at my point of end.
Sandip Thakur
Very natural with little pain pre and post-operating. All credits goes to Dr. Pawan Shahane for providing excellent & fine technique.
Vinayak Ukey
I have already recommended and asked people to visit your clinic for every any cosmetic problem. My experience was very great. Thanks for everything
Anil Kharwade
Very friendly doctor, explains everything in detail, the treatment was very smooth and I felt like getting new face.
Mahesh Varma
Knowledgeable & Experience doctor. Keep the good work going thank you.
Suresh Shahu
After loss of 8 pregnancies I actually lost hope that my 9th baby will survive.Thanks to Dr. kunda , she diagnose the reason behind it as Rh- incompatibility and the done intrauterine blood transfusion to give blood to my baby in abdomen during pregnancy.Motherly guidance, Proper care & advice, timely management and follow up ,saved my baby. Thanks again to Dr kunda and best wishes for her jouney to saving unborn babies.
Mrs. Neeta Ambani
After having a Downs baby,I was always afraid of having second Downs baby.During my first pregnancy also i have taken proper care, gone to very popular gynaecologist,followed all instructions, then why me? all these questions were properly answered by Dr. Kunda in very intellectual way and that to very compassionately and politely. Her charm put confidence in me to go for second baby.We have done proper follow up scans and she give me report of baby being normal with full surety.Now at least one baby is normal.Thanks again to dr Kunda.
Dr. Neelam (doctor)
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